Thursday 26 February 2015

Bandana Blouse

Ah bandanas - remember them? I know they're still around but the eighties really was the bandana decade -  the perfect accessory for all that big hair!

Some wore it well, others not so (I'll let you be the judge of that)

Of course I tried to emulate some of my idols back in the day but my bandana wearing days are long gone - until now that is! The bandana has made a reappearance in my wardrobe only this time in the form of a blouse.

I used the same dress pattern (McCalls 6346) that I had adapted for my Crazy Cat Peasant Blouse.

I picked this fabric up in Tokyo last year. It came as 2 fat quarters, each with 2 squares of different designs. I used one design for the front and back.

I then made contrasting sleeves using the other design. I like the red flowers wrapping around the puffed sleeves.

This top is a really easy make, the shirring and elastic takes a bit of time but it's a great pattern and I do love a pretty peasant blouse.

Soundtrack: Down in Mexico by The Coasters ("he wears a red bandana, plays a blues pianna" - what a rhyme!)


  1. Love this blouse. The details and the careful attention to alignment make this a stunning top! Haven't thought of bandanas in about 45 years but this is a wonderful use of an old hippie staple.

  2. Thank you! They were always such nice designs so It's great to be able to make use of such a lovely print.

  3. I liked your blog, thanks for sharing this