Saturday 14 March 2015

Mexican Hearts

I just can't seem to get enough of McCalls 6346 - I'm on peasant style overload now - but it's such a cute look and I've now got this pattern down to a fine art, I can practically make it in my sleep.

This time I made the dress using View A. I cut a size 8 grading to size 10 at the hips. For some reason the back was still a little big and I needed to take off 1.5cm from each side. I also made a small swayback adjustment which is fairly usual for me.

The bodice is made from a bright and bold Alexander Henry Corazone print cotton and I used a stretch drill in black for the skirt. I did need to take in the side seams of the skirt a little further and lengthen the darts to get it really fitted.

I'm pleased with the end result, I love the bodice fabric and think it works really well with the black skirt and even though I've made this pattern a few times now, each variation has it's own character and looks quite different.

For my previous takes on McCalls 6346 see my Crazy Cat Peasant Blouse and my Bandana Blouse. But that's it - peasants be gone - I'm going cold turkey on McCalls 6346 (for now, anyway!)


  1. Love all your peasant makes. They are all so cool! I bet you don't stop there! ;-)

  2. This is fab. I love the Alexander Henry fabric, I'll have to google it right now!

  3. I love this pattern on you - I may have to search it out myself. Never seen this Alexander Henry fabric before - it's fab!

  4. Thanks you guys - I do love this pattern, I'm pretty damn sure I'll be using it again. The fabric is cool isn't it? I got it in Japan and they were only selling it in fat quarters but I snapped it up and that was all I needed to make this dress.

  5. This is so cute! I love the patterned top with the solid black skirt. The neckline is super flattering on you, too!