Sunday 11 January 2015

Ahoy there, Julia!

Huge credit goes to Julia Bobbin who totally inspired me to make this dress, I've always loved her version of Colette's Parfait and when I found this fabric on my trip to Goldhawk Road last year I knew I'd found the perfect pairing. I love the way Julia played with the stripe directions and so I just had to have a go myself.

I made a toile first and hurrah! - size 4, straight out of the box - no fitting changes, which was a huge relief given that it took an age to cut the fabric out so I could get the stripe placement just right. Thankfully I had just enough fabric apart from the facings so I just used some plain white cotton for those instead.

Now, if you try this at home bear in mind that cutting some of the skirt pieces on the bias resulted in it being too big when I came to attach it to the bodice. It was an easy fix but something which I hadn't expected.

The only other modifications I made were shortening the length a few cms and shortening the straps slightly. I also tapered in the side seams a bit so it wasn't so flared. I only sewed one button on the straps and instead of the second button, I just sewed a few stitches to keep it in place. I figured I wouldn't be using the straps to do it up anyway so this would keep it nice and secure (without the extra work!)

This is my first Parfait - yes, I know, I'm so late to the party that this pattern is almost vintage by now! But so what, it's such a cute summer dress that it was worth the wait. I love the button details and the cute little pockets. The bodice gathering is really sweet too and overall it's a really nice, flattering cut.

Thanks for the inspiration, Julia! 


  1. Your dress is gorgeous! I love how you've placed the stripes, and the fabric is brilliant!

  2. Thanks Lynne :) It took me ages to get it just right but I think it was worth it.

  3. Your version is so cool! I love the stripe placement.