Saturday 4 October 2014

One Pattern, Many Dresses

I often think that I'll make a repeat of a pattern but then I end up wanting to try something new - except it seems when it comes to New Look 6699 - turns out I've made it 8 times! But with so many mix and match variations, you don't need to make the same dress twice. I must say, multiple makes of a pattern has advantages too - it's quick because you've done it before and you know it's going to fit with no need for a toile - yeeessss!!!!!

Here is my latest version: The Tropical Blaze dress

I scoured around looking for the perfect dress to make with this fabric - and 6699 kept calling out "pick me, pick me". Although I'd made it 7 times before, I still managed to come up with yet another variation. 

I love the vividness of the colours on this print which I picked up on the Goldhawk Road in London. It's bright and summery, perfect for the coming months ahead.

So let's open the vault and see what other gems 6699 has to offer:

My Very First Dress:

This is probably my favourite version. I guess I have a soft spot for it seeing as it was my very first dress (though I did have a bit of help putting it together) but I love the fabric and I think it suits the pattern so well.

Red & Black Leopard Sequins:

Sequins look fab under stage lights but working with sequins is not for the faint-hearted. Multiple needles were broken in the process (I'm sure there's probably a special needle out there for such things but that didn't even occur to me at the time, I was too excited about the prospect of wearing a red & black leopard sequin dress!). The lining has tulle round the edge to give it more fullness. This was a pretty tight fit at the time I made it and unfortunately I can't get into anymore :(

Jungle Juice Dress:
Pebbles grows up and discovers rock & roll!
You will no doubt notice the superior quality of the photography here, these pics were taken for our "Jungle Juice" cd. We went all out with the jungle look here complete with the jagged skirt edge and turkey bones in the hair. Next up ...

The Monster Dress:

I blogged about this a little while ago here - I  just love the fabric and I love wearing this dress, it's so much fun!

Gingham Copycat Dress:

Moving away from the stage outfits, I made this dress for Peneloping's Copycat Challenge and thought the pattern was a perfect match.

Black Cat Fever Dress:
This is the same combination as my very first dress made up with cute cat fabric purchased in Tokyo. I love the way the cat heads are not really obvious until you get up close.

There was an eighth brocade version but I had such a nightmare with the fabric fraying that it ended up being way too tight, I only wore it once and then it got buried in the giveaway pile which is out of reach at the moment. 

I dare say I'll probably end up making another one of these - do you have any favourite patterns you just keep coming back to time and time again?


  1. I'm all for a TNT pattern, and all your versions are brilliant. I love the Monster dress!

  2. You are so talented and such a good sewer. Amazing variations on a single pattern!

  3. Hahn! We've used the same fabric :) bought from the same shop I think :) double snap (parasols and now fabric :)

    1. Yeah, I'm a sucker for tropical prints - wish they'd had your yellow fabric, I probably would have picked some of that up too!

  4. Great minds think alike! Love that fabric, obvs! I'd never have guessed all those gorgeous dresses were of the same pattern. I need to reuse patterns to perfect the fit but there's always too many other tempting ones out there! :-)