Saturday 18 October 2014


It was a dreary October night, the rain smashed against the window pane and the occasional lightening flash brightened up the gloomy, candlelit room, exposing the mighty creation before me. I had taken one part Simplicity 2512 and another part New Look 6002, unleashed them on a flock of unsuspecting flamingos and lo and behold, my Frankenpattern was born ...

The flamingos were captured on a field trip to the Goldhawk Road in London with my accomplices Marylou and Nicole Needles. I knew right away that they would be perfect for a tiki dress and my search began for a suitable pattern. You can imagine my excitement when I came across New Look 6002 with it’s perfect specimen of a bodice in view C, but wait, the skirt would not do, I had to find the ideal companion to complete my vision!

I turned to my trusted accomplice Nicole for guidance - she had used the Simplicity 2512 Cynthia Rowley skirt to make her beautiful tiki mash up dress - that was the answer! All I had to do was track down the now out of print pattern and bring my cunning plan to fruition. 

At last a copy was acquired and I set about bringing my creation to life. It was just a case of fitting a skirt to another bodice, surely it would be simple? Alas, it wasn’t as easy as I thought. If I didn’t want my dress to end up looking like some grotesque monster from a nineteenth century gothic novel, I would have to toile and toile again. 

Deep into the night I toiled away, a little tuck here and a little tweak there, until she was just right. 

And now, my work is done!

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  1. It's just fabulous! I've sorta missed the boat weather-wise with my fabric, but now I've seen yours I want to get going on it straight away. Well done!