Thursday 26 June 2014

Gertie's Jeans

My first pair of pants - woohoo! The pattern is Butterick 5895 - Gertie's capri pants and cropped shirt for Butterick. As it's winter here in the Southern Hemisphere I decided to lengthen them and turn them into jeans. The fit's not perfect but I'm pretty happy with them for my first attempt.

I had a bit of trouble with the sizing. First I made a size 8 toile which was ridiculously small so I then made a 12 which fitted perfectly. I didn't account for the stretch in the denim though, so when I came to making the actual pants so they were really loose and I ended up taking them in quite a lot. In the end I probably should have made a 10.

The legs also required taking in a lot - they are certainly not designed the way that's shown on the pattern photo.

I shortened them above the crotch by 2cm but there is still quite a bit of baginess there which is the only thing I'm not really happy with.  Next time I'll try taking out a bit more - though that may affect the butt which actually fits really well.

I had been quite nervous about sewing pants but the construction was pretty straight forward and it came together easily. Looking forward to making my next pair!


  1. The pants look great! And I love that you shared your trial and error bit. I think the HARDEST part of sewing is the fit and I really have trouble with pants -- all the way around. Cannot believe the fit you achieved by whittling down the 12 to a custom size 10! Beautiful job.

  2. Wowsers, they look perfect! I love the fit and the style on you; well done!

  3. Thanks Julia! I'm pretty pleased for a first attempt at pants :) Now I want to make more!

  4. Is it alright for me to share on Sassy Sewing Bee’s in the future, I link to your blog post and let you know when featured?
    Sassy Sewing Bees.

  5. Sure, no problem. I like your Facebook page and always happy to share the love of sewing. Thank you.

  6. Fab I will earmark it for my retro Wednesday's posts.