Saturday 16 August 2014

The Year Long Cardi

Break out the champagne, I have finally finished knitting the cardigan I started just over a year ago - phew! This make was from a Craftsy class run by Myra Wood called the Crazy Lace Cardigan and I have to say it was excellent.

Myra is really clear with her instructions and explains everything down to the smallest detail which is great for a beginner knitter. I had never knitted an item of clothing before so this was a perfect way to learn.

The original pattern is actually for a short sleeved bolero but I wanted long sleeves and I also lengthened the waist. I used the Get Knitting Magic Formula Calculator to figure out how to lengthen the sleeves and though they turned out a little baggier than I was hoping, I can live with them.

The idea of the course is to teach you the basic construction of the cardigan with a couple of different necklines which you can then vary any way you like with your own choice of lace patterns which I think is a great idea.

It wasn't really very difficult but it did take me a long time to knit. I put it aside for a few months over the summer (and to knit my Myrna for the OAL) but watching the class obviously takes quite a bit of time. It was worth it though, because I learnt so many new skills.

I found working with such a dark colour bit tricky as it's really hard to see, especially if you have to frog back (which I did a couple of times, of course!). It does have it's advantages though - I confess that I discovered a couple of holes in it after I'd finished but I just darned them as best I could and they're pretty well disguised :)

I really enjoyed knitting this cardigan and following the class - but boy, am I pleased to have finally finished it!

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  1. Looks great! How's the jumper coming along?